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Scott Bacon

Scott’s passion is coral reef ecology and he has been involved in a variety of marine science educational programs. Scott is devoted to implementing effective marine ecosystem management programs that will preserve Hawaii’s reefs for future generations. He is also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor.


Jenna Budke
Staff Marine Scientist & Coral Nerd

Jenna is a graduate of UH Hilo’s marine scientists program and Miami University’s Masters in Biology program. Jenna has spent hundreds of hours in the ocean classifying coral as a scientific diver on the Big Island and Kaua’i. Jenna’s field expertise is critical to the integrity of MNA’s long-term monitoring program.

Makana Bacon
Board Member

Makana’s focus is on the day-to-day operational issues that MNA faces but she also joins the activity under water as well. A Native Hawaiian, Makana recognizes the  coral polyp or ko’a as a foundational element of life.


Adriana Santacruz-Castro, Ph.D.
Marine Biologist

Adriana’s marine scientific work includes marine invertebrates, field experiments, coral histology, genetics, reef biodiversity and coral reef restoration in the Caribbean, Asian and Central Pacific. Designer/Manager of the website Global Coral Restoration.



Howatt Peter King
GIS & Photogrammetry

Howatt is a natural educator and has instructed students of all ages in the classroom and under water. A self-professed geography nerd, Howatt takes data that is collected under difficult conditions and makes it accessible via detailed 2-D and 3-D models.


Med Dyer

Med planned to be a marine biologist when he was young, but then computers were invented and he got distracted. He is back on the right track now.


In addition to our organizational staff, Mālama Nā `Apapa includes dozens of trained divers who carry out reef surveys, underwater debris removal, and educational programs.