Threats to Hawaii's Coral Reefs:

1. Touching, kicking, walking on, or collecting coral when snorkeling or diving.

2. Dropping anchor on reefs when boating; or fishing in reef areas cause serious damage to reef ecosystems and devastate coral.

3. Illegal harvesting of coral to make coral jewelry or other marine souvenirs.

4. Poisoning reefs to collect fish for aquariums. In many areas of the world, tropical fish are collected from coral reefs by releasing cyanide poison into the water, which kills the reef and many other marine species and stuns valuable fish for easy collection.

5. Alien limu (seaweed) invading and crowding out coral growth.

Make a Difference!

1. When diving or snorkeling near coral reefs, DO NOT touch, stand or walk on, kick, or collect coral. Make sure none of your equipment bumps into the coral.

2. If you operate a boat, navigate carefully to avoid contact with coral reefs, never drop anchor onto a reef, and never dump trash or sewage into the water.

3. Don't purchase items made from coral or other threatened marine life. Avoid coral jewelry or other marine souvenirs unless you are certain that they were farmed or produced in aquaculture operations.

4. If you own a tropical aquarium, request that your aquarium store purchase only fish that have been certified "cyanide free." Don't purchase coral pieces or "live rock" for your tank unless there is proof they were not removed from the wild.

5. Join a Coral Reef Preservation and Restoration Club like Malama Na 'Apapa Volunteer to clean up beaches and if possible coral reefs.