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September 21, 2013 Shoreline and Reef Clean-up was a success!
We had 19 volunteers, 7 Scuba Divers, 3 snorkelers, 2 kayakers and the rest were land support. Nets to restore Kauai were 65.8 K or 145 pounds. Debris brought to transfer station: Two tires totaling 26 K or 57 pounds Other misc debris golf balls, cans, bottles, fishing pole, plastic wrappers etc. 8.2 K or 18 pounds.
A BIG Mahalo to all the volunteers!

Crew Crew 2

April 2012 Earth Day Reef and Shoreline Clean up at Koloa Landing was an incredible experience!!!
Beginning with a perfect sunny and calm ocean day, to a record turn out of 20 certified divers and 10 shoreline volunteers (30 volunteers total, to many many fun and happy people working hard and having fun cleaning, to great food, to great prizes, to the miracle of 20 - 30 foot visibility at Koloa Landing (really up until just last week it was only 2 - 5 feet visibility), to everyone having a safe dive, to the Giant Green Sea Turtles that welcomed us back while we were cleaning up the reef, to all of the tropical fish and other amazing marine life at the landing, to all the debris that was removed, it was a great day!!!!!
Thank you to everyone for volunteering your time, effort, and talents to help preserve, sustain, and restore the Koloa Landing reef and shoreline!

Earth Day 2012 Cleanup Koloa Landing

Earth Day 2012 Cleanup Island School Group

Earth Day 2012 Cleanup Group

Marine Debris Removal: A hand-on learning experience for middle school students.

Nets-To-Energy - Matson/Schnitzer/HPower

In-Water Marine Debris Removal