About Malama Na 'Apapa

Malama Na 'Apapa is a non-profit organization committed to preserving, sustaining and restoring Kauai's Coral Reefs.

Our Goal is to stop the steady decline in coral reef health and propogate future coral growth. We will do this by:

1. Sharing information and knowledge with Schools, Scuba divers, Snorkelers, Fisherman, Mariners, Landlovers and anyone else that this list has not included.

2) Volunteer programs such as beach clean ups, Reef clean ups, Coral cleaning, Alien Limu removal.

3) Train and study with NOAA marine biologists to increase our understanding of Coral reef health and propogation.

4) Increase our reef cleaning efforts by implementing advance cleaning methods through Grants, Local business support, Donations and in kind work programs.

We invite all people to join our alliance and help preserve, sustain and restore our Coral Reefs here on Kauai and around the world.

To Join as a volunteer or be added to our mailing list please email Scott Bacon for application information at scottbacon@kauaicoral.com

While a majority of our efforts are donating our time and skills to remove marine debris, we depend upon donations to help fund our larger projects and maintain our equipment. All donations are tax deductible as in accordance with IRS codes regarding 501(c)(3) non-profit donations. We appreciate any amount you can afford. We can accept mail donations in the form of a check or money order or donate using PayPal:

Malama Na 'Apapa
c/o Scott Bacon
P.O. Box 428 Kilauea,
Kauai, HI 96754

You will receive a receipt for you to claim as a charitable donation on your income tax return.